Roseanne’s approach to therapy is integrative and collaborative, which means treatment is tailored to you and the specific set of issues and goals that you present. – Roseanne C. Trapani

Finding the right therapist can be challenging. If you are seeking a safe and nurturing environment where your desired goals and potential can be achieved, together with Roseanne, you will integrate a variety of approaches to meet your individual needs.

Working together as a team can help with learning different and new techniques to help move forward and improve overall quality of life for yourself. It is with these techniques that we are able to become more aware of our own individual patterns and behaviours which can be impeding our own potential for creating the dreams that we desire. Roseanne is committed to providing you with that safe space in which you can talk about issues and concerns in a judgement free environment with empathy and unconditional positive regard.

Asking for help takes courage. I work with clients at their pace to explore underlying emotions, thoughts and behaviors impacting upon daily life and relationships. I assist you to find relief from discomfort and dissatisfaction in a safe, compassionate, yet challenging environment, offering inspired healing to my clients.

Individual Therapy

Every person needs someone to talk to at one time or another, to discuss issues, to be heard, understood, seen and validated. Do you feel stress, alone, uncertain, trying to figure out who you are, the next steps in life or wanting to reconnect with happiness? This is where individuals can get beneficial assistance to work with Roseanne Trapani, MA, LMFT.

Individuals don’t always see their own patterns that may be unhealthy, creating stress, chaos, drama, anxiety, sadness or self-injurious behaviors. Whether it is learning techniques to manage stress, to stop with self-criticism, to improve confidence, to live more authentically and obtain clarity, direction, purpose and enjoyment for life.

When working with Roseanne, you are free to explore what you are thinking and feeling without fear of being judged. This allows you to feel confident to speak what is truly bothering you to discover the underlying cause of the problems so that new strategies and techniques can be implemented to heal any open wounds.

Call today to discuss and make an appointment to learn more about the benefits of working with Roseanne Trapani.

Working with Children and Adolescents

Roseanne C. Trapani uses a variety of approaches in her clinical work with children, including play therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy. Interventions are selected and adapted to fit the child’s age, interests, and treatment needs. Roseanne works with children individually and in family therapy and offers parenting consultation.

When it comes to parenting, there is no one solution that is applicable to everyone. Roseanne has training and experience working with children and adolescents that struggle with anxiety, depression, impulse control, trauma, divorce, difficulty maintaining positive relationships and improving social communication skills.

Roseanne works with children and teenagers diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder using a combination of different techniques and therapies. These include but are not limited to; sensory based therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, social skills training and has years of experience running social skills groups for children on the spectrum.

Couples Counseling

People enter couples counseling for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason, Roseanne will work with you to set relationship goals and support you in taking the necessary steps to achieve them.

Couples therapy is a very effective way to help each other improve communication, understand one another and help to uncover and resolve any subtle, unspoken and unidentified problems which creates tension, anger, frustration and can lead to disconnect in a relationship. 

When a relationship lacks intimacy and connection, new methods of communication needs to be explored to develop a solid foundation of friendship, trust, conflict resolution and collaboration. This forms new pathways to co-create a meaningful, beautiful and loving partnership together.

Through various approaches, systems and treatment methodologies, couples will learn practical skills to improve the relationship and help manage conflict in a positive way.

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT)

This approach to seeing relationships – as an attachment bond – and shaping more loving relationships is leading the couple relationship field into a new understanding of romantic love. We now have a map to the territory called love and we can empower couples by showing them new systematic ways to take control of dances of disconnection and conflict and, even more important, help each other move into the open close embrace that is a secure loving bond.

EFT is based on 50 years of research into human bonding and 30 years of research from the labs of Dr. Sue Johnson into helping couples connect and thrive. We really don’t have to simply fall in and out of love anymore. Of course, EFT also helps families who are in distress and individuals who want to understand how they connect with others and how best to deal with their needs for support from others.

Roseanne C. Trapani uses the Emotional Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) to help couples get unstuck, build healthier relationships and to experience a secure bond with one another. A secure bond between a partner is where they trust the other to provide a safe space to allow vulnerability to talk openly.

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Roseanne with Dr. Sue Johnson